President's Corner


Kwon Young Han, Ph.D.


Welcome to PIC.

The world has changed very much. Now, those who gave no consideration for others or those who do not share with others may not be recognized as leaders. Doing what is right is respecting our elders, caring for poor people, and giving priority to considering other people's needs over my interests.

PIC is God's university that fosters 'Global Christian Leaders' who will change the world. Setting a goal in education and life to become a helpful person, and being confident that understanding and considering other people are the competitiveness for the world's spiritual guide, PIC faculty, and staff work as one to do the best.

We hope you all pray together that PIC would become the best educational institution to cultivate spiritual leaders who would overcome all the temptations based on faith and fear. God, in these days when creative and spiritualized intellectuals are desperately needed.