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Victorious 23rd Foundation Day

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

By: Uncle George

Edited by: D.L.L

Published: July 22, 2019

PIC’s 23rd Foundation Day

Friday, June 28, 2019, we celebrated our 23rd Foundation Day. It is a special day for PIC Family for everyone has an opportunity to reflect on God’s goodness and faithfulness from the inception of the College to present. It is a special day set to celebrate God by reviewing the history, revisiting the vision, and reconnecting with the continuing mission of the College – to train Global Christian Leader.

This momentous event started with a parade within the school’s premises that enables all the participants (the Administration, staff, Faculty Members, Students and Guests) to appreciate the peaceful and beautiful surroundings of the College and its wonderful facilities.

It was then followed by a Spirit-filled worship celebration and gospel proclamation, delivered by our beloved Founder and President Dr. Kwon, Young Han, who challenges the entire community to pursue its calling from the Lord.

Joining their own group (Red Romans, Yellow Ephesians, Gray Galatians, Blue Corinthians, and Green Colossians) the entire PIC Family enjoyed all the in-door and out-doors activities that the Student Body Organization (SBO) prepared for the said event. Everyone were filled with joy as they participate with all the activities. Indeed, it was a day filled with joy and excitement!

But we can't deny the fact that every group burst with passion to win every out-doors and in-doors games. Yellow Ephesians made it to the top then Blue Corinthians followed by Red Romans.

We wholeheartedly rejoice in the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that bonds us together. This is the reason why celebrating the Foundation Day is significant, God is honored and we are united! Soli Deo Gloria!

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